Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ways of Solving Problems

Unfortunately, sometimes people can't avoid different quarrels in families. They say that such quarrels are quite natural, as people get accustomed to each other. And probably they are right, as people should tell each other what things annoy them.
However, quarrels differ from each other. Unfortunately, many people can't control their anger when they are annoyed and they shout and even fight with their spouses. Such quarrels can have awful consequences and can lead to divorce.
Those people who don't want to spoil relationships with their spouses use other ways to inform them about annoying things. For example, my friend Jessica prefers one of such methods. When she is disappointed with something and she doesn’t want to quarrel, she writes about everything in her blog. And her husband read it at work. When he comes home, they talk about the problem and solve.
As for me, I am against quarrels, as they bring nothing but troubles. At the same time we should tell about the things that annoy us. And the best way to solve our problems is to talk to each other.

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