Friday, May 23, 2008

Disadvantages of Searching for Love in the Internet

It's not a secret that today there are a lot of single people. Probably, their loneliness is one of the main reasons why they strive for finding their love. Usually, those people who have failed to find their love in real life look for other ways of finding suitable and reliable partners.
And one of the most popular ways is finding love in the Internet. But this way is not reliable. Are sure that looking for love in the Internet won't hit your wallet? You see, there are many situations when people suffer from different matchmaking services. As a rule, people visit different online dating sites after someone has recommended it. And these people think that at such sites they will be able to find a man/woman of their dream…
For instance, my cousin's friend Martin joined an online dating site and… met a woman of his dream. He was sure that it was so… They were ready to talk on the phone several times a day. And they did it. She was so attentive, she understood his feelings… But then she asked Martin for money and assured him that she would pay him back. And, of course, Martin couldn't refuse. As a result, he hasn't seen her and his money since that very day… Unfortunately such situations are not rare. Why does it happen? Maybe people want to believe others or they just want to be happy. And this happiness can cost them a lot.

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