Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do Men Tell Lies to Their Wives?

It goes without saying that there are situations when people tell lies. And men are not an exception. Though some of them don't admit this fact, however, they have to lie in some situations. The fact is that it happens when either they don't want to hurt their wives. For instance, a man can lie when he tells his wife that the sweater she has bought for him is wonderful. Though, in reality it can be awful. Or when he explains to his wife that he is late because he has had an important meeting.
But lie can be of different types. Some men tell lies to avoid different conflicts with his wives and to get what they really wanted. Other men lie to spare their wives' feelings and they do their best not to hurt their wives.
In some situations, it is better to hear his lie than to hear the truth. Because the truth can hurt us and destroy our good relationships. I'm sure that no one would like to hear from her husband that the dinner is awful or that he is not satisfied with her clothes, etc. Though it doesn't mean that men are ready to leave us… But it is still difficult to realize that there is something in us that annoys our husbands.
So, it is better to lie in some cases not to hurt the feelings of others. So, think twice before deciding to lie or not.

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