Friday, October 24, 2008

Saying Sorry...

I'm sure that most of us can't admit that we are wrong. Very often it is really difficult to say that we are sorry. The fact is that some people think that apologizing is the same as admitting their guilt and imperfection. Others are sure that saying sorry is a kind of surrender. However, only those who beleive in themselves can apologize. And saying sorry is not so difficult as it may seem. There are several useful tips on how to learn to apologize.
First of all, don't be afraid of saying sorry. The more you say it, the more comfortable you feel.
And another tip is not to wait too long to say sorry. Mind that the longer you wait, the less your apology will mean for people.
However, people are different. Some people want to win an argument even at the cost of their friendship. Others are ready to lose an argument and mantain good relationships.
It can be really difficult to say sorry. However, we should learn to apologize.

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