Monday, September 1, 2008

Is It Possible to Stay Friends After the Split?

It goes without saying that parting can be the most difficult moment in people's life. And very often it is almost next to impossible to stay friends in this situation. Of course, everything depends on people.
Some people who are still in love with their ex-lovers can't stay friends with them. They say that it is difficult to see that their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends are happy with others.
On the other hand, a person who was an initiator of the parting can remain friends with his/her ex-lover. Though friendship after the breakup can offer temporary relief for people, it can prevent people from starting a new life.
However, many people after the split not only remain friends, they become a kind of relatives to each other. They help each other to solve different problems and endure hardships.
They say that friendship after the split is almost impossible. However, it's up to you to believe in it or not. Our life is unpredictable and very often we can't avoid the breakup. In this case it is very important to maintain good relationships with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and not to hurt him/her.

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